17 February 2013

Dystopian Wars

Junior and I got in that game of DW Sunday afternoon. He used his Prussians and I used my snakebitten EoBS guys.

Junior's Force
2 Gunships
3 Destroyers
1 Airship CV
1 Giant Robot
2 Bombers
2 Scout Airships
5 Fighters
5 Dive Bombers

My Force
1 Squid Submarine
3 Cruisers
4 Frigates
3 Destroyers
2 Bombers
2 Gyros
5 Torpedo Bombers
5 Fighters

We scattered some islands about as well as two reefs and set up our stuff.
Junior packed his stuff pretty tightly in the center whereas I was more scattered. My train of frigates is just left of frame in the corner.

End of turn 1. My destroyers rocketed one of his destroyers to death. No other casualties.

Things are starting to really heat up. I've lost a destroyer, a cruiser... I'm damaging his units but not killing them.

My fighters pounce on his small airships, another of my cruisers takes a beating. The Robot scores its first kill ever trashing, one of my Gyros.

Having read the writing on the coffee mug, the remaining cruiser closes with the gunship and gives it a broadside bashing! The torpedo bombers had already bagged the other.

And then things start to really go off the tracks. The scout airships catch up with my Squid and start zapping it.

I think this was the end of 3. My fighters engaged his still-dangerous dive bombers. His remaining gunship is smoking and listing.

The bombers and scout airships unload bombs on the squid. Let's not mention the rear-facing Tesla coils on the bombers as well. I think my stupid plan was to try to knock out a scout blimp with the frigates before they had a chance to move. Didn't work. I did manage to run the dive-bomber's fuel down to 1, making them completely useless! Small victories. His big airship unloaded with its Tesla zapping the crap out of the sub. My Gyro did bomb and shoot the bejezeesus out of the Robot, neutering it but not killing it.

And a turn later, Junior win initiative and Tokyo drifts his Carrier over my Squid and hits it with a 12AD bomb. Game over for me. I took some parting shots but failed to kill anything. 

Final Death Tally
My Losses
1 Squid Attack Submarine
3 Cruisers
1 Gyro
1 Frigate
3 Destroyers

Junior's Losses
2 Gunships
3 Destroyers

My typical luck with Dystopian Wars - I had trouble getting kills. I spent a lot of shots firing at the big zeppelin and did 5 damage, but I had trouble with the small airships and bombers - one of each was sitting on 3 damage! Those would have been nice kills.

Either way, it was a fun time and a nice way to kill the afternoon.

Good Gaming!

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