24 February 2013

More Dystopian Wars (!)

So Ziggy and I managed to get a game of DW in on Sunday afternoon up at Morningstar Games in Savannah. We played 800 points, me using my Blazing Suns and Zig fielding his Brits.

My Force
1 Battleship
3 Cruisers
3 Destroyers
4 Frigates
1 Squid Sub
2 Gyros
5 TBs and 5 FTRs

Zig's Force
1 Battleship
3 Escorts
3 Gunships
2 Frigates
2 Subs
2 Hawk Rotors
5 DBs and 5 FTRs

I didn't take any notes so all of the play by play is going to be "best guess."

Shortly after setup. I went real heavy on my right, with the FFs, BB, SS and Gyros. The Cruisers and Destroyers were given the left / center. Small planes were in the center. 

Mike Baker and Chris were playing behind us, Prussians v Antarcticans

The trains get out there - destroyers and cruisers have their work cut out for them with a Battleship and 2 Rotors on their side.

Pretty sure this was the end of turn 1. I dinked one of the Gunships for a point.

Middle of turn 2. My Squid and Gyros finished off one Brit sub. The Frigates and Battleship have pounded the Gunships. My Cruisers and Destroyers are doing the swirl. 

From this shot you can't see the bravery of the Japanese sailors. The Cruisers steamed right up to the Battleship and unloaded a massive broadside into the stinkin' thing causing a critical hit. The Rotors then bombed the hell out of my cruisers sinking two.

Over on the right, I got four Frigates wedged amongst the three Gunships. I gave 'em hell! Broadsides and turrets all around! Sank one and critted another. All in a day's work for the little boats.

A magnetic mine damages three of my Destroyers. His Dive Bombers have smacked my surviving Cruiser. 

A few die rolls later, my Battleship sank his last Gunship and the Gyros killed one of his two Rotors. Zig called the game at that point, having a slightly damaged Battleship, one Rotor and one way out-of-position submarine left. I still had a slightly damaged Battleship, two Gyros, four Frigates and a full health Squid Sub.

My first win against Zig's fleet ever I think! His damn Battleship and Gunships usually give me fits. This time I just concentrated on the Gunships and making them GONE. It worked! The Cruisers and Destroyers gave the Battleship a hell of a fight, especially since their rockets were so gimped by the three escorts. An enjoyable game and a good way to burn up a Sunday afternoon.

Good Gaming!

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