22 February 2013

End-of-week mid-week update

Yeah, that.

Not much going on this week. Junior's discount Dystopian Wars battleship arrived ($8.00!) and I got cracking on it. Here's an in-progress shot:

Ya'll know I don't post WIP often, so treasure it! I ordered a Blazing Sun flying carrier for myself at the same time for a mere $7.00 but they emailed back saying that they are out of stock and too bad. I was not happy.

I've got some Shipwreck ships in the mail - they come from Jolly Ol' so they take a while. They'll get utilized in my Gnomecon scenario.

I also have some spaceships on the way - they're just fun to paint and I haven't in a while.

Playing DW with Zig on Sunday - last weekend's game was entertaining enough and Z and I haven't played anything in a while.

Good Gaming!

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