28 December 2013

2013 Yearly Review

I'm looking back at where I was last year and what's been done. Last year's end-of-year wrap featured some Urban War and Infinity stuff. While both were enjoyable to paint up, both games were found lacking. Infinity may have the worst basic game mechanics ever. Gorgeous models, shabby game.

I did not jump into Arab-Israeli War stuff for MSH, although I did put together two UMSC battalions. This decision had a lot to do with $ > game time. I'd love to put together armies and play MSH, but it doesn't come up often.

I did manage to sell off one of my remaining FoW armies. That leaves me with the Rangers, which are certainly on the trading block but in no rush to leave.

I did do a little work on those FoW Paratroopers, but not much and they are still in much the same shape they were a year ago. Wow, has it really been a year?

I did pick up a little more Shipwreck stuff - Frenchies and aircraft. I enjoy the heck of of painting those tiny ships and planes but having a gigantic collection doesn't make tremendous sense for me.

So, what has changed in the last year? I've been playing with different people more and have been playing a different selection of games - that's the biggest change in the last 12 months. 2013 has been a very good year and I hope 2014 is even better!

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