29 December 2013

Dystopian War - Burma Burns!

Ziggy and I got our DW land forces out on Saturday afternoon for some shoot-'em-up. Since Z is just starting his land force collection, he bummed some Prussians as proxies. We put together 1000-point forces and decided to play until one side had reached its 50% break point. We also ignore the weird rule about indirect fire and that it is only allowed when firing at Capital models.

The Blazing Suns
1 Taka Ashi big-honkin' walker
3+3 Chi-Ri medium tanks
3+2 Myobu light tanks
3 Ho-I bombards
5 Ke-Ho light tanks
2 Inari gyros
2 X dive bombers

The Britannians
1 Sovereign big-honkin' tank
3+3 Mk II medium tanks
3+3 Cromwell bombards
3+3 Terrier small tanks
2 Hawk rotors
1 X dive bombers
1 X fighters

So, what we had was Kingdom forces trying to encircle a small town in Burma and stumbling into an Empire task force that was just preparing to move north in search of British army units operating in the area.

My set up. I've gone heavy on my right. I've played this game too much to want to watch another monster fight. My Taka-Ashi is better used as a killer of smaller things. I'd just have to concede the left flank and two units over there.

The stuff not in the big picture. Ziggy also went heavy right. The tiny fliers on this side are fighters. His DBs are on the other side of the board.

My gyro tanks speed forward to engage the enemy fliers. Their aim is true and one of the warbirds is damaged heavily.

The British artillery strikes back and explodes one of the swift tanks.

Revenge is swift as Crab squadron creeps forward and blasts the flying machine from the sky.

Back on the other side of the battlefield, two Myobu streak across the river and take some shots at the Terriers, damaging one.

The propaganda minister didn't get a picture at the time, but the Gyros and Ho-I bombards destroyed one of the British bombards in the back and damaged a medium tank crossing the ford.

Turn 2

The British artillery takes some anger out on another of the scout tanks.

The Inaris finish off the damaged Mk. II and Terrier.

The Japanese forces on the left push through the ford and fire all available weapons the the Mk. IIs, but manage only a crit on one of them. The return fire wasn't too terrible but those troops are badly outnumbered and the writing is on  the wall for them.

A group of the Terriers pushed forward and destroyed one of the Ke-Hos. The Chi-Ris destroy one stand and damage another in reply. The Ke-Ho squadron advanced and shot one of the dive bombers from the sky.

The dive bombers, sensing that it was now or never, pounce on the Chi-Ris and make a mess of them.

Turn 3

Most of the battlefield.

Shit gets "real" for Crab squadron. They were wiped out in short order.

Revenge came in the form of my Gyros blasting one of the Cromwells and capturing the other.

Zigs two Mk. IIs on my right went back into the ford and my Ke-Hos blasted away. And blast they did. a critical hit and an explosion. You can see that my small tanks are withing the 4" BOOM ZONE. I lost one of my small tanks in the explosion. The remaining Ke-Hos attempted to board the other Mk II but failed miserably.

Stampi-san made his presence felt, wading forward and finishing off the last Mk II and a stand of Terriers. Yeah baby.

Turn 4

Things were very close now so it was just a matter of kill all you can. The Hawk descended upon the Ho-Is damaging one and capturing another. The Cromwells finished off my bombards by killing the damaged one.

My Gyros killed one more stand of Terriers and captured the other. We ended the battle there. Both sides retreated to lick their wounds.

Final score was 650 to 637 in favor of the EoBS, so a tie for all practical purposes since we both went way over our break points on turn 4. The game was a hell of a lot of fun for both of us. My dice were hot to start and cooled off after turn 2. Ziggy's dice warmed up on turn 3 once our armies really got stuck in. I really do like the DW land game and I think Zig is sold on it too. He's going to pick up some bombards and the Brunell + Lysander box. Already looking forward to the re-match. My HoverSquid should be done my then.

Early Happy New Year!

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