26 December 2013

Post-Christmas Post

Ah. Working on December 26. No doctors working today until after lunch, and then there is only one coming in so it should be pretty quiet at the old salt mines. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I certainly did - a Christmas Eve get together at my brother-in-law's house with my wife side of the family. It was a cacophonic orgy of greed and booze, but it was a lot of fun. Christmas Day was much quieter and we just hung out with my mom and dad in the morning and evening.

I got some toy soldiers, among other things. My sister hooked me up with some 15mm ancient Romans and my kids set me up with some Dystopian Wars beasties! Oh, and my bro-in-law Chris picked up Cthulhu Fluxx for me.

I've been wanting to paint up "something different" and lil' sis came through. Now I have a nice starting point for a HOTT army and a collection of gladiators to try out Kaptain Kobold's Munera Sine Missione game.
We'll give that a go soon. Some of the guys were going to play up at the store Sunday - maybe we'll join them. 
Be well and have a great rest of the week.

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