27 December 2013

Balancing Act!

As model builders, we've all been there. Assembling some cockamamie-action-pose heroic model that looks awesome on the packaging and manufacturer's website. Then, with three fingers super-glued together, you are contemplating either:
1) Pitching the damn thing across the room
2) Using the bits as base decorations for other models

The other thing going through your mind, or perhaps out of your mouth is "why is superglue so damn good at bonding fingers instantly but utterly refuses to stick this %&!#@ wing to the shoulder of the pegasus?"

After a few score of these situations, you begin looking for new solutions.

I treated myself to some more Anima Tactics minis, this time Black Sun baddies. One of the models is a winged undead thing which eventually should look like this:

It comes in four pieces. A base, a tail, a torso / legs and a chest / head / wings. Here, look at the next picture

The red lines indicate where the bits are joined. I started from the bottom and went up which left me sticking the chest / head / wings to the rest of it this morning. All I have to say is hooray for Duplo and Gorilla Glue+Loctite.

Those are arcade game tokens under it on the base to add weight to the bottom of the model. I think I'm going to let it sit like this for at least another hour or two.

The rest of the gang was much simpler to assemble

Onward to spackling the bases!

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