17 January 2014

Four Months

Four months ago on 16 September 2013 I ordered some 1/6000 WWI ships for Victory at Sea. I got the Turks in pretty quickly but their foes, the Russian Black Sea Fleet, has been back-ordered ever since. Yesterday, they finally made it into the mail, heading my way. I must say, I'm pretty excited. I've read through the (poorly edited) Age of Dreadnoughts book a half dozen times in the last few months and am ready to push some tiny lead boats around.

Can any of you compete with a four month fulfillment time?

In other news, my six-year-old, Cameron asked about playing "soldiers" last night. It was kind of late, but we'll set something up tonight or tomorrow. **sniff** It'll be his first time playing. I'll use some hybrid GASLIGHT rules or something similar - it worked well enough for Junior years ago.

Y'all have a good weekend!

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