20 January 2014

Sunday X-Wing

A group of us met at Morningstar on Sunday afternoon for some X-Wing. We've played a few games recently and enjoyed the heck out of it. David and I took the Rebels, the Imperials were handled by our two kids, Junior and Anson as well as Ziggy who hadn't played before.

Our deployments and the field of battle. Each side was 150 points. For what it's worth, asteroids are a pain in the ass. Those are my asteroid minis I made a few months ago, set on top of the templates that come with the game. TIE interceptors were a popular choice, as were the eponymous X-Wings.

Some action shots of the cluster-cluck. As it turns out, Dave and I cannot drive, nor can we shoot straight. My X-Wing driven by Biggs Darklighter was the first to go boom. My A-Wing followed him to Force-heaven shortly thereafter by taking his chances with an asteroid.

Dave lost both his X-Wings after a couple more turns, although Wedge Antilles did manage to take out the top Imperial ace, Soontir Fel. Our last ship, the HWK-290 was set upon by the balance of the Imperials and blasted into dust.

It was a terribly one-sides affair but David and I had a good time anyway. When the chance cubes are screwing you as bad as they were Sunday, you have no choice but to laugh it off. Anson's TIE Bomber was a complete beast and did most of the damage - the other TIEs cleaning up the scraps. It was not a good day for the Rebels and we're looking forward to some revenge!

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