08 January 2014

Mid Week Update

Hi all. I've gotten another batch of 15mm guys for AK47 done. They aren't based yet, I'll wait until the next block of 30 are painted before I base them. The models are Command Decision Vietnam-era US troops with floppy hats. They a decidedly un-American camo job and look pretty good as loyalists to the Litumsian dictator. I also got and finished up some armored cars, painted in the traditional Litumsian livery of black-brown and bright green.

And the next block of 30 troops. More loyalists, with some scrounged bazookas thrown in.

I need to get some tanks for the MCC (rebels) who are being supported by the Soviets. Ziggy has some unused T-34/85s that I should be able to snag - they'll work well.

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