30 January 2014

HOTT in the Cold

So, it was cold in Savannah yesterday. Yup, we had a "snow" day but without the snow. Having just finished up a few bases of things for HOTT, I managed to play a game of it with Junior. He used his WWII Soviets and I used my Narnians.

Our lists, for those who are curious:

Junior's Russians
1 Yak-9                 Airboat    3
1 KV-1              Behemoth    4
2 Light Tanks         Riders    4
1 Spetznaz        Magicians    4
3 Infantry          Warbands    6
1 Artillery            Artillery    3
The Spetznaz is the General.

My Narnians
3  Eagles                   Flyers    6
3  Dogs                     Beasts    6
2  Faun Spearmen    Spears    4
1  Peter                       Hero    4
2  Faun Swords       Blades    4
King Peter is the General

Junior would defend and set the table up thusly
I got the board edge I wanted. The river he was so keen on screwed him royally.

His rather well-done army.

I pushed hard to my right, sights set on the Stronghold. He had one Behemoth, an Airboat and two Riders to contest me with.

The KV-1 mashes up some valiant hounds and a Stuart pushes back one of my eagles.

Peter, seeing that the eagles were in real trouble, breaks off and wipes out the light tanks. Another of my dogs is destroyed by the treads of the KV. My last stand of dogs stays between the KV and the rest of my army as a wall. Man's best friend, no doubt!

The airboat gets a move on towards the stronghold. I have one stand of eagles just beside the stronghold and Peter is on his way!

The Soviet artillery and air force try their best to affect the outcome but just can't make it in time. Peter and the eagles capture the stronghold and it's a win for the Narnians!

It's been forever since we played HOTT last and I really enjoyed it. Things seemed to flow well. I'm sure we did a few things wrong, but it was fun regardless. I know it wasn't very nice to abuse the river like I did, but I think junior learned a lesson about terrain.

Be well and good gaming!


  1. Interesting. I just downloaded HOTT today. I might see if I can get an army together.

    1. Cool deal. Give me a call or shoot me an email - it's been too long since we played anything!