15 June 2014

CY6JA - The Hot Seat

Zig's back in country from England and France so Saturday evening we put the little planes on the tabletop for a Check Your 6 Jet Age learn and blunder session. I finally got some good use out of my Heroscape tiles since I don't own a hex mat. For our first game, I figured we'd try to keep things simple, so it was F-100s and MiG-19s, guns only. The planes are rather well matched.

The first game was a simple one-on-one. After a few turns of maneuvering, my MiG ended up in front of Z's plane and took a full burst of 20mm, fireballing quickly and smashing into the jungle canopy below. Pictures are not available.

Having figured out the basics, we each took a second plane and did a 2-v-2. On turn 1, a long ranged lucky shot from one of the F-100s exploded my wingman's plane, turning the match into a 1-v-2 instantly.

To spice things up, Georgia Power decided to turn off the electricity. There had been a terrific storm an hour or so previously, and I suppose they had to cut the power to make a repair. A repair that wasn't complete until 12:30am!

Ziggy and I got to play CY6JA like the Amish.

It was around 8:00 so there wasn't much more daylight left.

 My phone's camera takes very good low-light pictures!

 My plane ends up in a terrible spot after quite a lot of twisting and turning.

And pays the price. Bah!

The game is a hoot and it stinks that the power went out because we were ready to have a go at it with missile-armed planes. Oh well, next time.

I've painted up a fleet of planes recently, all are either Pico Armor or Tumbling Dice. They're dirt cheap and fun to paint. I've still got some MiG-23s and 25s on the table as well as some Su-22s.

 The lot

MiG-17s and 29s, Su-27s and a pair of 19s.

 A flock of MiG-21s

 Navy Phantoms and Crusaders, F-100s and two Mirage F.1s

 Air Force Phantoms and Navy Tomcats
F-18s and F-16s. There's an F-15 in the lower left and another angle of those MiG-17s

Many of these were re-purposed and re-painted models I'd originally painted up for Shipwreck.With the magnetic bases, they can go back to Shipwreck very easily.

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