09 June 2014

Dystopian Wars - East Meets West

Mike, Dave, Bill and I met up at Morningstar in Savannah for what may have been our swan song for DW 1.1. Dave has had the Chinese and Aussie started sets for a while and neither has been seen the table - so they both got used, along with my EoBS and Mike's KOB. Bill took the Chinese and teamed up with me and Dave used loyalist Aussies, teaming with Mike. Each player took roughly 400 points of stuff and we played until one side was at 50% losses.

With my hard-earned 400 points, I took three cruisers, five corvettes and four mini squids. Bill took a stock battleship, two gunships and three frigates.

The Australians brought a pocket battleship, two sub tenders and four escort frigates, illegally attached as escorts to the PBB.  ;)  The Brits had their ever-present three gunships, three destroyers and a pair of frigates.

The brain-trust plots and schemes. FWIW, the squalls were moving left and away from my angle. They increased the difficulty of shots through them by one - i.e. normal shots through them would hit on a 5+.

I hooked the 'vettes out to the right. Fifteen inches of movement is awesome. The cruisers inched forward and fired off an ineffective rocket volley at the distant Australian battleship.

The HMS Eucalyptus takes aim at a Chinese gunship.

Straight to the bottom... This does not bode well. Mental note: Chinese gunships aren't nearly the bad mothers that British or Japanese gunships are.

I'd already lost two squids to sub tenders and destroyers, so I  slid them forward and they cooked a Brit destroyer.

My robots were then beset by a pack of Australian subs and eliminated. Feh.

Mid way through turn 2. You can see that my fighters bounced the second group of subs but only managed one kill, then in turn got bounced by David's fighters. We each lost three fighter tokens. Bloody! My corvettes chased the battleship and its escorts, killing one and damaging another. Hah! I had that big shitbox running from a pack of cheap ass corvettes! The battleship did manage to blast one of the corvettes into oblivion.

The battleship's number is pulled. British torpedo bombers get lined up for their run. One token is taken out by AAA but the big ship gets smashed pretty good taking a crit, reducing its speed to half.

The mighty junk took more of a pounding from the gunships, then the destroyers zipped around them and loosed a volley of torpedoes.

The big Chinese ship screamed loudly, shuddered, listed and quickly went under the waves.

The rapid exit of the battleship meant that I had a nice clear line of sight at the gunships beyond with my cruisers.

One down. Amen brother. At least it wouldn't be a complete butt-kicking. Just a major defeat.

Well that was just terrible. After 3 turns, we'd suffered 400 points worth of losses - the battleship (170) a gunship (85), a corvette (20), a frigate (25) and four small robots (100). In return, we'd sunk a gunship (85) and a handful of attrition ships pushing our total into the low 200's. Being unfamiliar with the Chinese battleship was a problem, along with Mike being able to bring a tremendous weight of fire onto it. I was kind of surprised at the fragility of the Chinese ships - the gunships aren't very tough at all and the battleship just seemed average. I guess, for 170 points, it is about what you should expect. I guess I'm just used to dealing with British battleships which are a real pain in the ass.
The new units were fun to play with and made for a nice change of pace. I used the corvettes simply because I hadn't used them since I'd painted them up - they'll certainly get used more often. That ridiculous speed is a whole lot of fun.

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