03 June 2014

Recently Completed...

I wrapped up a few models over the weekend. Some ships I've had idling for a little while and a couple helos that just got away from for a week or so.

 A Kirov and Kiev in the front with a Slava and two Grishas behind

 I've got a scenario in mind for this big-old summanabitch.

The deck lines were much of the reason this thing sat unloved on my painting pile for a month or more. Yes, they certainly look hand-painted but in truth, they ARE indeed hand-painted and I'm not trying to win any awards.

And here are the two helicopters, courtesy of Heroics and Ros.

Some Mi-24s for my MSH Poles / Soviets. Insignia intentionally left off, although I may go back later and put the Polish "checkerboard" on them. Hooray! I'll finally have some attack helos to strike back with. I'm tired of getting worked over by PAH-1s, Cobras, etc. with no real response.

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  1. Decklines look great. Anyone would be proud of those!