24 November 2014

DW - French Surface Fleet Complete*

I finally knocked out the second lot of ships for my Dystopian Wars Republic of France fleet. They've been on the painting table quite a while but I put my nose to the grindstone and knocked them out yesterday. I am very happy with the results.

 The RoF Attack Flotilla boxed set.

 Requin Assault Corvettes

 Cherbourg Battle Cruisers

 Another view. These things should be hell on waves.

La Rochelle Heavy Battleship

From the bow

And stern. It's name is BĂȘte - The Beast

 The whole shebang in its very blue glory.

I'm looking forward to putting these guys on the tabletop. It'll be good to have a new fleet kicking it at Morningstar - these, plus the FSA I've been working on for Jeff - we'll have a bunch of new crap to blow up!

* I have a aircraft carrier on order for these guys. DW2.0 makes carriers practically a requirement.

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