29 November 2014

Tiny Planes

I had a handful of 1/600 jets show up a couple weeks ago. They were confined to the second tier of the painting table while I was working on Jeff's DW stuff. Once the queue cleared yesterday, I was able to get them finished.

They are new additions to my Check Your 6: Jet Age forces. I picked up some A-4 Skyhwaks for both the Israel and US Navy, and Mirage IIIs and Mystere IVs for the Israel.

 The flock
 US Navy A-4s.

 IAF Mirages and A-4s
 IAF Mysteres
and more Skyhawks...

My Cold-War aircraft collection is nearing completion. There are a few off the top of my head that I still may add - Harriers, Mirages and Skyhawks for Falklands games is one conflict that stands out. Korea is a possibility but an unlikely one.

Zig and I supposed to get together for a game today - I'm not sure what we'll be playing - maybe it'll be CY6:JA? One things for sure, results will follow. Be well!

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