23 November 2014

Dystopian Wars: Singapore Shuffle

Zig and I finally got around to our second game of DW 2.0 last evening. Both of us have been either busy or playing something else recently. We decided on  a 1000-point land game with no carriers. I used my good ol' EoBS who've actually had a rough time with land battles in recent memory. Ziggy of course fielded his Brits.

The Japanese continue their fight against the British in southeast Asia...

For those interested, our army lists:
Blazing Sun
1 Taka-Ashi Mk.2 (no generator)
3 Ho-I Bombards
3 Myobu Light Hover Tanks
4 Bansan Small Robots (from hell)
5 Ke-Ho Small Tanks
2 Inari Scout Gyros
1 Tsukuyomi War Gyro
Fighters, Dive Bombers and two free Infantry Tokens

1 Sovereign Mk. 3
6 Mk.2 Armstrong Medium Tanks
3 Cromwell Bombards
3 Foxhound Light Tanks
2 Hawk Scout Rotors
1 Eagle War Rotor
2 X Fighters and two free Infantry Tokens

Our setups. I held the Myobu light tanks off as a flanking force since they're rather quick.

I got the party started by pushing my big honkin' skyship out. Its turrets and rockets targeted the foxhounds in the distance destroying one.

The Brits retort with a solid volley from the Landship which crits one of my scout fliers, damaging its engines.

My small rocket-lobbing robots terminate a Mk.2 with extreme prejudice.

I pull my scouts abreast of the shadow-maker 3000 and unleash a mighty barrage of rockets and gunfire causing two points of damage to the monstrosity.

The British commander orders his Hawk scouts to engage the Japanese scouts. What ensues may be one of the best rounds of shooting ever. Note how evil the British commander is has he rolls die after die. Take that act to Vegas, buddy...

Yup. 20. That's enough to kill an Inari in one shot. 2 X Crits + a regular damage.

Good night, sweet prince.

On to turn 2.

Not pleased by the previous turn's results, I crank things up a notch. I send the Ball-Breaker Mk. 1 squadron forward to pepper the Sovereign. They manage a crit on the giant tank, locking its steering system.

I continue piling on the British commodore's vehicle, this time with the small walkers. Another crit! Weapons damage - 1/2 AD. Ziggy is not amused and now really hates my army of tiny crap.

The Taka-Ashi took its turn next finding itself in a target-rich environment. A crit on the War Eagle (also a Weapons Damage hit) a third crit on the Sovereign (out of frame) and a crit and a half on one of the godforsaken Hawk rotors mean that the Stampy just had one seriously bad-ass shooting round. Very Thunder Gun.

My War Gyro drifted forward again and trained all available weapons on the Sovereign in the distances. Rockets and heavy shells pounded the mighty tank until there was naught left but a smoking crater.

The assassination attempt was a success.

Ziggy failed a personal morale test and we called the game there. His mission of destroying my large and massive models was virtually unachievable given the status of his army. I'd killed his commodore's model and mopping up stragglers until I'd hit 500 points wouldn't be terribly difficult. My only casualties had been the gyro and one base of Ke-Ho small tanks.

Well, I enjoyed the game. Can't exactly say the same for Zig though. My dice were ridiculously hot - it was crit after crit after crit. Zig couldn't get a shield generator or defensive AA roll to stick. Other than his one amazingly amazing roll to kill my Gyro, his dice tended to be subpar overall. I'm sure the tables will turn in our next game.

The DW2 rules went quite a pit more smoothly this time through since we'd both gotten plenty of time to read the book thoroughly. Leaving carriers out was a good idea too - as fun as they are, they do slow the game down a lot.

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