14 November 2015

Just finished - WPA MiG-21

President Johnson's Litumsian Air Force finally gets off the ground this week! (rim shot)

The MiG-21 kit was fun and easy to assemble and I finished up paint and markings last evening. I've given it WPA markings (Worker's Party Army) and used a camo pattern similar to one the Syrian Air Force has used, though with different colors. The nose numbers were donated by a Heer Panzer of some description. God bless Battlefront for always including millions of decals with their kits. I've got such a nice collection of decals from when I used to play Flames of War.

I'll finish that base up today or tomorrow. Be well and Vive le France.

1 comment:

  1. While the early jets are still my favourites, but I am developing quite a liking for the later ones too.. yum... nice work.