18 November 2015

New Toy and Update

I got this cutie-pie in the mail today:

It'll make a fun addition to the Litumsian rebel forces. Like the MiG-21, I'll need to hand-craft some ordnance. The Jaguar really is a good looking plane.

In other news, I've completely avoided writing the AAR from last Sunday's Star Fleet Battle game. It was a weird game in no uncertain terms. I rolled two dice all game. 5 turns. 2 dice. Mike and Dave rolled a bunch of dice. I rolled two. Maybe tomorrow. I'd do it tonight but don't have the pics handy. As weird as the game was, it was chock-full of character and flavor. I was particularly inspired while writing the follow-up scenario for December's game and am looking forward to that one!

1 comment:

  1. I'll remember to take the first shot on turn 1 impulse 1 the next time. He he.....