17 November 2015

StarDust Update

My StarDust Space Combat game is getting an update! I'm nearly done with the 1.1 changes which are pretty massive. Gameplay remains the same, I've primarily tidied up a couple of things that were unclear (my biggest pet peeve) and added a large assortment of new weapons and special equipment. I've expanded the existing fleet lists and added an entirely new fleet. Anyone who has purchased the original can get the update for free when it is complete. All I've really got left to do is to complete the new, more beautiful, ship Data Cards. The version 1.0 ones are simply functional with no thought given to making them look good. The new cards will be something I'm proud to show off. If I can jam eight of the new cards onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet, I'll be very happy.

And to the folks who purchased 1.0, thank you very much!

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