23 November 2015

Tanks-Giving Saturday (part 2)

After the awesome game of All Quiet on the Martian Front, everyone who was left in the house had a bite to eat and moved on to the FOW table. We had eight players, four a side. The scenario was a simple shoot-em-up Meeting Engagement between a British Guards Armour Company and a Heer Panzerkompanie laden with Panthers, Hezters, StuGs and a pair of Luftwaffe 88's. Mike Baker commanded the British side of the table, while Alan barked orders to his German platoon leaders.

I was given a platoon of 4 Shermans, two Vs and two VCs, aka Fireflies with what we like to call "the big gun." I also deployed some rather bored AA platforms. Aside from a bunch of tanks, our force also had a good-sized Recce element with armored cars and UCs.

We Brits get super-aggressive right away. Since each side was trying to capture an objective we decided to get out there and do it!

Rob, Mike H and Mike Baker. Baker looks pretty confused by that tape measure.

Hans Rudel makes a pass but some furious AA fire from the platoon leader's tank forces him to break off!

A turn on and my side of the table is already a mess! One of my tanks was knocked out by an 8-rad mounting a PaK40. Retribution was swift and it was brewed up by one of Dominic's tanks. Dominic also knocked out one of his dad's StuGs with a long-range shot from a Firefly. I managed to bag another StuG with my own shooting! 

One turn more and we've bagged a third StuG! I was exposed to the Hetzers in the back but figured the risk was worthwhile. The wrecks in between were adding some concealment for me.

Well, OK. Not enough concealment. There goes my second Firefly. Nice shooting, Z.

With no Germans close enough to contest the objective, I get Mike's attention and ask him to send his Recce guys in to press the issue. We get an armored car and a UC close enough to piss off the German side of the table. HUZZAH! Be aggressive and decisive!

Way over on our left, Hans finally bags a Sherman. Good for him.

Another turn or so and the writing was on the wall for Fritz & Co. The Hetzers lost two of their platoon, The SutGs had been neutralized, MIke & Mike's tanks had flanked the hell out of the Panthers on the far side of the table and were rolling up the German baseline. 

Wow. I can't remember ever seeing German tanks get worked like that in a game of Flames. British Shermans typically can't compete but that day, the stars aligned and we managed to get a solid victory. We bagged the objective and thoroughly smashed the German tanks. As much as I dislike FOW, it's one of those games that everyone seems to know the rules for so a group of eight people can sit around and push tanks for two hours without having to crack a rulebook.

Mike, thank you so much for hosting this game day - I had a great time and I think everyone else did too.

Now... only two other AARs to work on. I got in a lot of gaming lately.

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