07 July 2016

A Fun Week!

Sunday, David, my son and I got together for some Epic X-Wing. We brought out some big ships and put together truly ridiculous 250-point lists. To give it a bit of story, we set it up as a Rebel blockade run against some Imperials. Junior and I ran the Imperials.

Our setup. The Rebel transport had to traverse the tabletop. I drove the carrier and its four TIEs. Junior drove the Shuttle, Bomber, Interceptor and Defender. We left the two little guys in the back as "goalies" initially.

I drop off two babies in an effort to pull some Rebel fighters away from the transport. The Shuttle tanked a lot of attention early, barely visible ahead of the carrier.

An almighty scrum developed in no time! Junior and I were confused by David's decision to turn with the transport instead of simply running as fast as he could.

The Transport rammed the Shuttle, killing it. Booooo! Our TIEs tighten the noose though. The X-Wings are way out of position to assist the BUFF.

Christian dropped a range ruler. It landed on its edge. Win.

The significance of this photo is my ridiculously fortunate turn with the carrier, 1/8 of an inch shy of smashing into the Interceptor which had done nothing but drive all game. I also managed to not smash into that asteroid.

Close to victory, we didn't skip a beat. We got six of our seven craft in range and arc to pound the Transport.

It was Night Beast who got the killing blow, ending the game.

Well, the Rebs didn't fare so well but we learned a lot and came up with a thousand things to try differently next time. Regardless, it was a fun time putting the big 'uns on the table.

In other news, I got some painting done this week!

I cranked out some Pakistani F-86es and Indian Gnats and Vampires for Check Your 6. 1/600 minis from Tumbling Dice.

I also got to work on some 15mm WSS musketeers, courtesy of Tamsin! I won a prize giveaway she did a couple months back. I was finally inspired to paint some up and this is the result:

Now, this sort of mini isn't my usual fare so judge me lightly. They were quick and easy to paint and I'm looking forward to cranking out another dozen. You're obviously wondering why on Earth I'd base them singly. You Sherlock Holmes sorts out there may be able to divine the reason, but otherwise you'll just have to wait to see where I'm going with this.


  1. Nice AAR! :)

    Also nice to see the WSS figures getting painted up. I'm guessing the single basing is for some form of skirmish gaming - pirates? :)

    1. Although that makes terribly much sense, and the thought of pirates crossed my mind while I was painting - that's not quite it.