28 July 2016

He Lives!

I'm not dead, but my gaming life has been! I've gotten squadoosh for gaming in over the last couple of weeks. I did complete painting of some 15mm skeleton archers but aside from that, not much. Much of my problem has been work - getting home late takes me away from my hobbies.It's not too bad though.

Last weekend the tribe went to Sapelo Island, a barely inhabited island about 50 miles south of Savannah. It was hot as Hades and generally uncomfortable. This amused me.

Sounds just peachy, don't it?

I did play a solo trial of Dragon Rampant a couple weeks back on the dinner table. It was rather enjoyable.

This guy was heck on wheels.

Witchie was almost as awesome.

The living side won the game, but it was closely contested to the end.

I got some new toys in earlier this week but haven't been able to do much with them yet.

Six feet of 15mm elevated highway. I figure it'll be useful for Sabre Squadron, AK47, StarDust Ground and other stuff. I got these from Gamecraft Minis. I'll probably get more, different shaped sections eventually to mix things up a bit.I figured that six feet would be enough to run across the table to begin with. It'll add significant visual interest if nothing else!

I doubt I'll get any gaming in this weekend - headin' up to Atlanta for a couple days. Oh well...

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