01 July 2016

X-Wing Semi-AAR

Zig, David and I met up at Morningstar last Sunday for a game of X-Wing. We played a 3-faction game; Ziggy used Rebels, David used a Scum group and I used Imperials. I went with some ships I'd not used before, particularly the TIE Phantom stealth fighter and the VT-49 Decimator. We all had 100-point groups.

My ships.

David's S&V.

Zig's Rebels.

It wasn't long before the Scum Y-Wing dropped a big bomb template in the middle of the battle space. My TIE Advanced Prototype and 'Mator now had a nice juicy target all to themselves.

Poor Wedge gets caught in amongst a lot of big guns and gets hammered.

And a moment later is finished off by the Phantom. Bwahahaha.

An action shot of David getting an action shot.

I believe the Rebel Y-Wing had just gotten thumped.

The victors! I was left with the 'Mator and Phantom, having vanquished all foes!

That was a damn fine birthday treat and I really enjoyed flying the ships that I used. I really can't believe I didn't collide with anything with the VT-49 - I'm a notoriously bad driver with big ships. The bombs right slap in the center were quite a pain to deal with, as was the stupid X-Wing + R2D2. I was glad to give that ship all four barrels from the Decimator to put it to sleep. Much fun and looking forward to the next!

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