22 December 2016

6 x 6 Challenge

Over at The Stronghold Rebuilt, Kaptain Kobold suggested a 6x6 gaming challenge, similar to the winter painting challenge that we're all familiar with. The goal is to play six different games six times each during 2017. The most challenging part may be to spec out the games beforehand! My list thusfar:

1) X-Wing (primarily because it's a quick and easy system to get going)
2) Dystopian Wars (a favorite in my gaming group)
3) Rubber and Lead (my still unpublished car combat/racing game)
4) Star Fleet Battles (should be very do-able with our monthly get-togethers)
5) StarDust / StarDust: Ground (my creations that don't see the light of day often enough. perhaps this is bending the rules, but KK says it's virtually impossible to cheat)
6) MLB Showdown (I bought a bunch of cards and SWMBO and I rather enjoyed playing last summer)

On a completely different note, I finally (after about a year and a half of fence-sitting) plunked down last evening for a 6mm Polish Naval Infantry Regiment for MSH / Sabre Squadron. Yes, that included TWO separate orders - one for tanks and one for bases and infantry. I'm excited. I haven't painted micro armor in a while.

This may be my last post before Christmas. I left my crystal ball at work, so I can't know for sure. If it is, Merry Christmas!


  1. Nice challenge idea! I will borrow it for motivation purpose...

  2. I will be lucky to get a 2x8 .. merry Christmas.

  3. Good luck with the challenge. I've managed one out of the 36 so far -at least it's a start.