14 December 2016


Tis the season for dressing up the dog in embarrassing outfits. Poor thing.

Not much proper gaming these days in Casa de Ski. Junior, Zig and I played a game of Risk: Godstorm on Saturday afternoon.
My orange Norse hordes were victorious. Old age and treachery count for something! Junior did manage to bag Europa (equivalent to Asia in normal Risk) for at least a full turn - impressive for someone who's essentially a newb. I'll admit I was using him as a vassal state against the dastardly blue Ziggy forces. Zig capped my Temple in Kush early, earning my enmity right out of the gates. I hadn't played Risk of any flavor in years - it was good to get it back on the table.

This week I've been painting up a giant Dystopian Wars thing:

Madame Liberte! I snagged it on the cheap on a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Although it's utterly ridiculous, Ziggy has the British counterpart and, well, arms race anyone? As you can tell, I magnetized the statue to the hover base and the arm is also magentized. Shouldn't be too much longer, it's painting up a bit easier than I expected.

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