10 April 2012

Flames of War

So, Zig and I got in a game of Flames last night. A list test for me ahead of the tournament (that may not be) and a pretty good game all around. It was a 1750 point Fighting Withdrawl, me using a PDF Forward Detachment list and Z using 2nd SS from Earth and Steel. We use 2nd edition rules since we're familiar with them and I'm not eager to spend more money on rulebooks.

I'm also going to say that I did a half-hearted job recording the action but I think I got enough pictures.

My left side - an infantry company and a 76mm field artillery battery

My center and right - ISUs, BA-64s, T-34/85s and T-34/76es

His right (my left) - Panzergrenadiers, Flak36 battery, Pioneers

His center and left - Rocket Launchers, HQ elements and more Panzergrenadiers.

The ISUs advance to the center of the field only to be spotted and shot at by the 88! Good old Soviet steel kept the big tanks safe though!

Some Mark IVs emerge from their ambush position to hold up the mass of Soviet tanks on the left.

The damage begins. The HQ platoon advances towards the T-34s on the hill.

The T-34/85s are handily dealt with by the Huns with 'schrecks and 'fausts. The platoon leader made it out alive.

Last year's model T-34s break though the woods to deal with the infantry and Panzers. On to the objective!

The ISUs ready to flush the pioneers from their position.

As it turned out, I lost at the start of turn 8. My forces were too dispersed to get to the center objective. In game terms, a 4-3 loss. The ISUs and jeeps weren't enough at the right time to get the job done. My infantry had been slowed severely by the halftracks and panzergrenadiers on their side of the table and just couldn't get any momentum. Two more turns and I win easily. Too bad the game ends at 8. Fun stuff!

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