21 April 2012

Gnomecon Day 1

Well, Gnomecon got under way Friday and I had a blast! I ran my SBH during the afternoon and got some good reviews on the board I built ( yay validation! ) and had three terrific games. The setting was the village of Gnome Bend whose foolish occupants had stolen a skull from one of the graves across the river. Game one was against Philip who took charge of the skeletal horde led by Badash. I took command of the Village people, led my Charles McGurk on his high horse. The skeletons shambled out from the graveyard and down the road as the village guardians moved out to meet them. After a great deal of back and forth, the bridge proved to be a brutal choke point and the hordes were whittled down. They gave as good as they got and I had only two of my guys left at the end, but all of the undead had been vanquished. 

 McGurk gets to work

 Stemming the tide

Philip - good luck with the new job too!

 The second wave of the assault on Gnome Bend was a small group of wraiths and spirits led by Kaspar the Wraith Lord. Rick (of Dystopian Wars fame) took command of the ghosts and figured out right away the right way to use them. They were able to ignore the woods and river and came swooping straight across. I got a little disoriented and foolhardy and Rick took full advantage. His snack bourbon triumphed over my beer and without much effort, Kaspar swooped in, snatched the skull of his bride which the villagers had stolen days before (represented by an orange four-sider because I forgot to pack a suitable trophy) and made his way back to the crypt. A victory for the bad guys!

The minions arise!

And this is what happens when I drink on an empty stomach. Stupid decisions. McGurk gets in WAAAY over his head which he won't have for much longer.
See? The swordsman ran over to assist but to no avail.
The spooky crew grabs the loot.
And takes it back to the crypt.
Rick with his minions. 

Round three had my wife take control of skeletons and the spooks against the villagers joined my Algor the Green Mage and McGurk's brother, McGurk. Empowered by the return of the Skull of Sheena and still cranky, the undead sought to wipe out the hamlet of Gnome Bend. The fight was tense, much fun and went to the wire. 

 Typical of my dice rolls all weekend.
 The Wraith Lord and a Wraith just finished off Algor.
 McGurk's brother has second thoughts about all them skeletons.
Wifey turned the crypt into a "Dead and Injured" box. 
This was two consecutive activations. My wife' trip-ones and my 1,1,5. Yahtzee!
A swordsman and McGurk left against Badash, Kaspar and two skeletal archers!
And in the end, McGurk was the only one left. The horde was put back to sleep, for now.

While we were playing that, my son and his buddy played Monsterpocalypse and had a heck of a time. I may pick it up, it looks pretty slick. 

After dinner we all played a round of the Great Space Race. Since it was late and it was a bit explainy, we only completed one lap before calling it a night. Clayton won the race by a large margin.

Day two details to follow... teaser: I get stomped in Flames of War and play some Wings of War.

Oh, and I sold off four Blood Bowl teams and some 40K stuff. Made a nice chunk of change on the weekend.

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