23 April 2012

Painting Table

OK, back to normality.

I've picked up a couple rulesets in the last few months and am slowly putting stuff together for them. The first was Flying Lead by Ganesha Games. It's a modern (WWII to near future) skirmish game using the same mechanics as Song of Blades and Heroes. Since I've got a few minis sitting around from Flames of War, I painted up some for Flying Lead. I'm pretty certain they are Command Decision figures.

I also picked up some OT-64Cs and an F-4 Phantom after my last game of Modern Spearhead. I burned up the remainder of my Warsaw Pact infantry to get the APCs going.

The other new rules I got was Task Force Zeta which again had the benefit of being very inexpensive and completely generic so I could be spoiled for choice regarding models. After a great deal of internal debate I picked up some Stardate: 3000 ships from Valiant Enterprises which are terrifically old-school and very different from most of the stuff that's available. I also got to see exactly how many different spaceship figure lines are out there and boy is it a lot. Ziggy still has Battlefleet Gothic ships from back in the day, so we'll be able to duke it out soon enough. Here are pics of my Heavy Cruiser and a Destroyer.

Until next time...

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