16 April 2012


Well, Gnomecon starts Friday. I'm excited. Not too sure about Flames of War on Saturday but I'm sure I can get in on something else if / when that fails. The Song of Blades and heroes board is done. I generated some force lists that should be entertaining - it's just the undead versus the village idiots but first-timers should get a pretty good look at the system. I'm sure my wife will want to take the reins on the skellies at least once - she's been itching for a re-match since our last go-round.

Played Ascension: Storm of Souls this weekend with Zig, Dennis (who supplied the game) and Sammy. Dennis has a couple of these games and while it isn't my usual cup-o-tea, I do enjoy the game and we had fun. After that, Sammy, Zig, my son and I played Illuminati. Ziggy rolled on us - he drew the Cthulhu Illuminati and just kept killing low-power groups every turn and there was next to nothing we could do to stop him. My son and I went back and forth for a few turns fighting for control of the Yakuza and the Pave the Earthers. Aside from Ziggy just running away with the game, it was as good time.

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