04 April 2012

Gnomecon - FoW

Had a discussion with Alan yesterday about the Flames tournament at Gnomecon. We haven't got very many folks registered at this point and I doubt we're going to get a last minute rush seeing as though there's a tournament in Atlanta on the same day. Alan is running a second tournament on Sunday for under 18's. I suggested he roll the two into one tourney on Saturday just to get the numbers up. He can stack the first round to line up adults v. adults and kids v. kids. If he does this he'll reduce the point value of the games to 1500 which I really prefer anyway - the games tend to be quicker, more pointed affairs and it makes army list choices more difficult since you can't take all the toys you normally would.

He's talking it over with the convention organizers and his students who will make up the majority of the junior players. I have my fingers crossed.

On that note, I've put together a tentative 1500 point Tankovy list from Fortress Europe:
1 HQ T-34/85 1944
5 T-34/85 1944
8 T-34/76 1942
10 M3 Stuart
3 IS-2

1500 on the nose. 27 tanks including two large fast companies that should be hell on wheels (treads) in assaults. I've never used such a one-trick pony force in a tournament. I always end up opting for a conservative list and they end up performing conservatively. I think the "extreme" list might be worth trying. Won't be any worse than my 2-point performance in Raleigh last year with Panzergrenadiers.

Until next time...

Next time (Update)

Apparently Alan is still in favor of two separate tournaments. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to play a tune up game with Zig today using the PDF Forward Detachment list versus (I think) Armored Panzergrenadiers. I'm going to let him look at my list before hand and tune his to his heart's content. I need to stress-test my list just in case there actually ends up being a tournament. Can you tell I'm a little bit grumpy?

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