10 September 2012

Everything old is new again!

Junior and I have decided to re-purpose some old Mechwarrior: Dark Ages Clix from years ago as more generic sci-fi miniatures without having to spend any money to get in the game. I'm looking at Dirtside 2 and Strike Legion right now. Dirtside 2 has the edge simply based on the fact that its free. The free Strike Legion rules don't include anything except rules for tanks. I have loads of infantry and they'll be a big part of the equation.
The glue that Wizkids uses is serious stuff. We suffered no injuries during the de-basing process.

The only way to do this. Freezing the minis helps about 2%. The benefit of more brittle glue is lost after about 30 seconds.

Ta-da! Two hordes, ready to go. Paid for 6+ years ago. 

We picked armies, splitting the stuff about 50/50. Junior favored the power-armor stuff, while I favored regular infantry. I got all the bikers and fast stuff as well as the static guns and missile batteries.

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