23 September 2012

Sunday Afternoon Project

So, I've been looking for a better way to store my Shipwreck aircraft and after coming up with a plan a couple of weeks ago, got it done today.

I started with a Chessex miniature storage case and a 3/4" sheet of plywood that's been gracing my garage for some time.

I cut the board to fit in the storage case. (About 17" X 7")

Drew a grid on the board - 1.25" squares and marked the center of each square. There will be 65 spots for planes.

Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill

Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand
Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand 
Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand


Quick hit of some very bad-ass silver spray paint...

And I've got myself a hangar for 65 planes and helicopters.

I do have 22 planes on the production line right now, so at least they'll have a home waiting for them.

Be well!

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