22 September 2012

HoTT part 2

Junior and I got in that game. WWII Soviets defending against the Narnians this time. His army:

1 KV-1 (Behemoth General)
1 Spetznaz (Magician)
1 Yak-9 (Airboat)
1 Artillery Battery (Artillery)
3 Strelkovy (Warbands)
2 Light Tanks (Riders)

That's all his painting. The KV and BT need some drybrushing and decals. The cannon is a loaner.

Just after deployment. That pond in the center was a major pain in the butt.

The battle is met. He wiped out the eagles but I rolled up his left flank (the warbands and artillery). Eventually, some of the hounds got loose from the Spetznaz and raced to the Stronghold. and managed to defeat it on their first attempt.

Another entertaining game. I think I'm going to like this...

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