25 September 2012

Flames of War

Gah! What do I do about this stupid game? I'm done with it. My situation:
     - I own a lot of stuff. Loads of Germans, Soviets and Americans. I do not want or need it all.
     - The only reason to keep any of it is to play with Ziggy who also has a lot of stuff. Gotta be loyal to my bud.
     - Lots of now-worthless army books for the shooting range / fire pit.

Solution A. Keep one army intact and eBay the rest. Not a stupid option as I can get more stuff for other games with the money. Zig and I can still play.

Solution B. Rebase some or all for Spearhead perhaps. This is very appealing since I like MSH and the cost become the cost of the bases and rulebook. Seeing the 20mm SH that other folks are playing with (Keith, Robin), 15mm SH would be quite doable. I like the WWII period, I just hate FoW's rules and BF's business model.

Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Gaming rules are always 'horses for courses' and as 'gamers we 'like what we like', but as you'd expect I'd thoroughly recommend Spearhead. While I haven't done this, I suspect you could play without re-basing anything. The only requirement I think is that both sides use the same sized bases, and the FoW bases are close enough (even though they aren't square, which does have a practical advantage when pivoting stands and determining arcs of fire).

    By keeping both armies you have matched forces.

    I would personally choose 15mm over 20mm as a larger scale. The only reasons behind our 20mm 'binge' at the moment are:

    * We've both (after far too many years) accumulated a lot of 20mm stuff, and
    * Nick is a 20mm fan.

    Good luck. Would love to see photos of soem of your actions.

    Kind regards