03 March 2013


We horsed around with a slightly modified MDRG on Saturday evening. Dennis and I had BRAAAAAIN-stormed a zombie scenario and we finally got a chance to test it. Long story short, it needs some changes. Short story longer, it was pretty good and certainly has legs. Here are a few photos. Dennis apologizes for his unpainted zombies and half-painted bio-hazard suit guys.

 The gang. From the left that's Dennis, Junior and Ziggy. Dennis is assembling a second horde.

 I've added a major bonfire to block one of the pathways. Seemed like too large of a funnel on that side of the board. Dennis drove the FEMA guys, Zig handled the National Guard and I ran the zombies. The tank and jeeps are just scenery. My kids couldn't find any of the scores of Hot Wheels cars that they own for us to use as street litter.

The lay of the land.

I manage to get a quick-moving zombie dog close. The guardsman's shot is true though and stops the hound.

My sneakey zombie makes it interesting but he is swiftly dispatched.

My last zombie makes it into combat! He is quickly swarmed by FEMA agents and taken out.

So, that was brutal - especially for me. It was really just an exercise is shooting for D and Z. We decided quickly that the zombies should get to either move a "short" stick automatically without having to roll any activation dice or roll the dice normally. That way, at least the horde can stay coherent and move forward together. As it was, the survivors just picked off my boys one at a time, as they revealed themselves. Making the hordes (at least for this scenario) larger may not be a bad idea either.

I'll probably post some ship picture later today. Need to paint wakes on them and they'll be done.

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