30 March 2013

Friday Night Fights

It's been quite a while since Song of Blades and Heroes got taken out, so Friday evening my bride and I took it for a spin. It was a similar matchup to our last game at Gnomecon last year. She used her undead things and I played with the heroic human village defenders.

The custom board is still in good condition and suits the game perfectly.

Early in I managed to knock down a skeleton who was standing right at the bridge with a bow shot so I sent the nearest model (my commander) over to finish him off.

My dice rolls were clicking so Captain McGurk and one of the spearmen confronted the horde head-on. This may have been a mistake.

It didn't take long for the dice to right themselves. Grrr.

Once she figured out the tactical importance of outnumbering enemies in close combat, the steamroller really picked up some steam.

And in short order I was reduced to two archers. Barry, shown here, gave a good account of himself  knocking down two enemies.

Make that three! His pal Chad makes his way over to help.

The party doesn't last and Barry is taken out. Chad makes a break for it but is caught by the Wraith Lord. A miserable defeat for the townsfolk.

The victorious general with her mascot

She said I also had to show on my blog that ALL of my guys had been killed. 

Next time Honey, next time...

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