21 March 2013


Been doing a little painting this week - Junior tasked me with his Infinity troupe Sunday - so I've been working slowly on those, plus some 15mm early Cold War Soviets that I picked up for Flying Lead. Ziggy finally got around to ordering some guys for Infinity, so we should be able to get back on that one of these days.

I put together an MSH scenario this week. I'd like to give it a go Saturday, but I'll have to wait to see if there will be time. I went a whole new direction for the scenario. I'd been in a point-buy style FoW / 40K mode with MSH and although the games have been fun, it has lacked a certain something. So, I pinched a bit from here and there and set up more of a story-driven scenario. I very purposefully ignored the Scenario Generation System's points values and instead just selected units. Many of the battalions are not full strength and are a bit more of a rag-tag affair than usual. I've played enough MSH to know what is good and what is "meh," so the points system, although nice, I think will get retired posthaste.

I do have a Shipwreck game set up for Sunday with James. I think it's going to be 1960's affair with some low-tech bathtubs slugging it out, but I'm not certain.

Until Next Time!

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