23 May 2015

Completed Shermeese and Panzers

I got the tanks completed yesterday, thanks in no small part to knocking off from work a few hours early. I settled on a unit marking system that I can live with, so these guys are complete and it's on to the next group!

I took the pictures outdoors this morning and the natural sunlight makes a big difference.

Nine Panzer IVG without schurzen. From a "late war" perspective, I suppose they should have the skirts, but hey, whatevs.

On to the Canucks...
Ten Sherman III and three Firefly Vc

 The wobbly-nosed Fireflies

Unit markings. Simple colored stripes. The yellow one is the company HQ stand.

I hope you like them. I slaved over them for sooooo long. *wink*

I suppose this small collection is enough to play a small tank-only test game. More rules familiarization, here I come!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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