02 May 2015

Recently Completed - Dystopian Wars Eclipse Company

I put the wraps on the Eclipse Company box set the other day, as I was getting underway with the Blazing Sun fleet overhaul. I'm really happy with the results and look forward to giving them a try in-game.

The entire group. Ooooh. Natural light.

 The pair of bombers

 The base, or "Dr. Evil's Lair"

Itsy bitsy boats

 Itsy bitsy submarines

Two submarine hangars

The photos are harsh on my painted-on wakes on the small craft. They look fabulous without your glasses on.

And now some other things...

I put some paint on an X-Wing ship that cam in the Scum and Villainy pack from last weekend.
A flame job and shark mouth! I also hit the nacelles with some gold. One of the pilot cards that comes with the box has this same thing going on and I liked it a lot.

Fifty-four windows on each of these. I think Nakatsu translates to "crazy-maker."

The first four complete. I did these to work out colors and technique. From back to front they are a frigate, destroyer, corvette and escort.

I'm quite happy with the finished result. They are much more eye-catching than the old scheme. Who says bright orange can't be used as a base coat? I also toyed with chocolate brown before jumping in to the orange side of the pool. I've got their carrier better than halfway done and the cruisers are getting close too. More updates as they occur.

Be well and good gaming!

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