10 May 2015

Recently Painted

I finished up a few things this weekend. I'm trying to be good and put a dent in the lead pile before I start on something new (the WW2 micro armor that showed up Thursday).

First up are some 6mm "Turks" for Maurice.

They're on an old pizza box I use for spray-painting. The models are Baccus SYW (I think) Ottoman Levant Musketeers. Nothing fancy, and since they're technically an Imagi-nation army, I'm not all all concerned with the correctness of their uniforms. In fact, my primary concern with the "Easterners" is that they be colorful and very mish-mash. The banners are made from aluminum foil.

Next up is the battleship for my Dystopian Wars Blazing Sun fleet.

She turned out nicely. I don't have a lot more to go on this project! Three gunships, five corvettes and five escorts. I may not do all the escorts since they rarely get used and I never use more than two in a game. Time will tell.

In the queue I've got eight stands of "European" cavalry and two cannons for Maurice. That will hopefully give me enough for two 100-point armies, though I may need to double-check the math. Once they're done, my second batch if WW2 micro armor will probably have arrived and I'll have a long run of painting Canadians and Germans for that project. The only thing I still need to pay for is infantry - I've gotten the tanks and ordered the other stuff (guns, jeeps, prime movers, etc.). If anyone has any good sources for discounted GHQ minis, please leave a note!

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