18 May 2015

More work on the Blazing Sun Fleet!

I got the three gunships completed this evening. I've got just a little left on this project - corvettes and escorts, then job's done! I have also been doing work on other things as well (those Maurice figures, 1/600 planes and the WW2 micro armor) so i don't get too burned out on orange ships. The method has worked like a champ thusfar.

I'll probably have some of the WW2 micro armor tanks done by the end of the week. I did get the second order of stuff last week and placed an order with Last Square for some H&R infantry that should be here this week. That should be the end of ordering things for that project, although I may invest in some 6mm buildings because the right buildings would be useful for both Western Europe WW2 and Maurice - I'm thinking Cathedrals, farm buildings, etc.

Oh, and that's post  #400. Hooray for persistence!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice; the orange gives them a sort of "rusty iron" look!