20 May 2015

Mid Week-ery

I've been working on Canadian Shermans and evil SS Panzer IVs this week. The lot of them are close to completion. They'll get a bit of drybrushing and perhaps some mud or other weathering then be ready for basing. I want to label the rear edge of the base with a unit identifier, but can't decide how to produce the labels. Painting it on will be too sloppy. I've seen some well done unit labels on Spearhead minis. I'll try to emulate that technique one way or another.

I've got my Check Your 6 Jet Age scenarios all prepped for the Memorial Day Bash on Sunday at Morningstar. Two Vietnam games, Gulf of Sidra (1981) and a Gulf War match up from 1991 with F-15s and MiG-25s.

Back to work... have a good rest of the week!

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