16 November 2012


Hopefully some tanks show up in the mail today (12 M-48 Pattons and an OH-58). I've really got the painting bug and haven't had anything to work on all week. At least my wife's art-nado is being packed up today. This is what she's put together:

Here's hoping she can sell it all since we can't eat it. :) To be honest, there isn't a lot of money invested there - just a lot of time.

Junior has been nagging me for "stuff to paint" lately and I really haven't got anything for him, although he did raid some old half-painted Eldar the other day. I did order him some Infinity miniatures for Christmas and will probably get myself some too. Yeah, I know that if you scroll down a few posts on my blog you'll see me mention not wanting to touch Malifaux because of the "different scale" issue. Ski is changeable, like a feather in the wind. I do have a bit of 40K scenery still that'll work just fine for Infinity. Plus, the larger scale and glossy cool-looking minis are rather appealing to 9-year old eyeballs. The game's rules are available for free (SHOCK AND AWE!) and look pretty OK at first blush so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

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