04 November 2012

Flying Lead and Little Grey Men

The National Guard and LGM had another encounter Saturday evening - this time Dennis took command of the spacemen while I kept control of the Georgia Army National Guard. I worked up some stats for the Jeep and its recoilless rifle as well as the Aliens' robotic menace TOBOR. I also tweaked the LGM a tad - the guys with rifles are much nastier now with a better C score and their weapons also being one C score higher. Below are the actual game stats used. I really do like that Ganesha Games has a very easy to use unit generator on their website for their games.

Lieutenant  Q3 C3 Pistol, Leader
4 Guardsmen Q4 C2 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Radioman   Q4 C2 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Loader Q4 C2 Carbine
Bazookaman Q4 C3 Bazooka
Jeep         Q4 C2 Off-Road, Recoilless Rifle
Recoilless Rifle   Anti-Tank 6, Combat +2, Lethal v. Soft Targets, Range: Long, Slow Reload

Alien Leader Q3 C3 Ray Pistol, Leader
5 Troopers Q4 C2 Ray Pistol
2 Riflemen Q4 C3 Raygun
TOBOR Q3 C2 Armored +5, Ray Claws, Off-Road
Ray Claws Anti-Tank 5, Combat +3, High-Tech Ammo, Range: Long

The battlefield from my side. Two riflemen, the jeep and the Lieutenant on my right, bazooka Joe and the loader in the center and three riflemen towards the left.

The game board from the other side. TOBOR was overlooking the road and all the infantry was in the woods between the robot and the saucer.

The jeep and TOBOR line up shots at one another. Both shots were ineffectual.

The jeep pulled back to reload and the riflemen try to get into a good firing position.

Things aren't going so well. The bazooka man actually hit TOBOR twice but failed to cause any real damage. The alien rifles took out the guardsman on the billboard and the bazooka man with some fine long-range sniping.

LGM cross the hedge. I have two guardsmen on the roof of the Texaco station, prone. The jeep takes a shot at the aliens but it misses terribly. A return shot ignites the fuel in the jeep and ends its day. 

A few turns later, the guys from the Texaco station climbed back down and charged the aliens, engaging them in close combat. The back and forth shots had been indecisive and I was looking for a way to break the stalemate. My soldiers took out the three aliens but the Grey riflemen gunned them down in short order leaving me with just one soldier - he's at the very bottom of the picture towards the left. He passed his morale tests but I evacuated him on his next activation. Clearly, the alien menace was not to be taken lightly!

We had a good time with the game. It was Dennis' first gaming using the SBH system and our first time using armored vehicles so going was slow but after some time we were buzzing right through it. I do need to tone down the alien riflemen - I'm going to put their C score back down to 2, that with the +3 from their weapons makes them better than the run-of-the-mill grunts but not overpowering which is exactly what they were. I also need to pilfer an army sniper from my FoW collection to help the guard out.

Be well and good gaming!

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