10 November 2012

OK then, that was easy

Damn can I get some painting done when I have no distractions. The FRG Light Jager Battalion is done. Here are some "meh" pics of the results.

That's a mortar stand, 3 MILAN stands and 7 no-frills infantry stands.

Last time I painted MSH troops, I made a tool to make flocking easier since micro-armor sized infantry on a thin metal base is difficult to simply pick up.

It's just an ordinary pencil with the eraser pulled out and replaced by a rare-earth magnet (gorilla-glued in). Given the way I base my dudes with quarter-inch of ID strip on the rear of the base, there is a target to aim for with the magnet. I haven't played a game of MSH since I made the pick-up stick, but it may also save a few gun barrels later down the road too!

Ya'll have a good weekend!

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