24 November 2012

Mega Mecha Update Extreme

OK, so it's Thanksgiving week and I've had the entire week off. I have been busy painting - mostly FoW US  Paratroopers from the shipping disaster of "earlier this year." The reason I've been painting them and not something much more interesting is that my micro-armor tanks didn't show up until Friday. 

I did sell the German FoW army. Yay. No plans yet on what I'll get to replace their toy soldier space.

I did finish of the West German M48s today. I'm quite happy with them:

I also finished up the pico-armor stuff I picked up for Mighty Monsters:

I really love their stuff - it is just so damn cute!

Which leads me to MIGHTY MONSTERS! Dennis and I played a couple games of MM this evening. Out first battle featured Destroyah versus Mecha Bot One. Dennis controlled Destroyah while I took the reins of Mecha Bot One.

The contestants

And the battlefield - Metro City

Dennis' critter hoists an oil tank and heaves it at Mecha Bot One. It flew harmlessly past the giant robot.

The two behemoths mix it up.

Destroyah kept up a combination of wing buffets and charge / body slam attacks.

But skillfully landed punches and kicks take their toll on the beast.

And Mecha Bot One eventually wore out the monster from beyond the stars.

And since we had plenty of time and nothing better to do, we played a second game! This time, Destroyah Junior came to Metro City One to avenge his father's butt kicking. The Defense Forces were alerted to try to halt the behemoth.
My forces arrayed along the bottom edge. We had to put some bridges in since the army dudes and D.J. needed some way to cross the water. I used 6 tanks, 4 APCs and one plane.

My forces inch forward while Junior wastes no time advancing on them.

The plane lands a beautiful shot on the monster with a rocket hurting it!

But Destroyah Junior isn't bothered much by the attack and continues his stampede through the Earth forces.

Stomp, smash, crunch

The jet makes another battle pass and lands another rocket on target! If it bleeds purple blood, we can kill it!

But it'll take another three armies. D.J. finished them all off. His thirst for revenge is slaked for now as he continues his search for Mecha Bot One.

Mighty Monsters was a hoot. Both fights were very good, although I'm here to tell you, if you play using the army, go in with a good attitude because your guys will die in droves. Who cares though, right? Have the army guys ever won a fight with one of those giant monsters?

Until next time, Good Gaming!

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  1. "Have the army guys ever won a fight with one of those giant monsters?"

    In a way - Ebirah is taken down by genetically-enhanced humans in 'Godzilla - Final Wars' ;)

    I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one using Lego in my giant monster games.