20 November 2012

And there he goes... ranting again

Just want to get something off my chest. I'm an IT professional. I work on computers all day every day. I have since 1991. I am 40 years old and effectively an old man. Change isn't my bag. Let me reiterate, I am a PROFESSIONAL. I do not work for fucking Ziff-Davis or any other Symantec-whoring garbage magazine. My job does not entail writing 1000-word essays once a week on QuickBooks 2013 and why you need to buy it so your money won't get eCancer. I keep computers running. I help end-users find quick, effective solutions to whatever process is slowing them down in their work day. I am a professional troubleshooter who can think outside the box and manufacture a solution to any problem. I am not a Liberal Arts major who types short articles on a Macbook in Starbucks for a living.

I have read (apparently) one too many articles badmouthing Windows 8 and why it needs to be burned at the stake. The primary issue every idiot reviewer is having is the "Metro" or "Tile" interface. Let me show you what mine looks like:
Well, there's a neat little peek inside Ski's mind, huh? Unedited. Laid bare for you the audience. This screen is the replacement to the Windows Start Menu that ya'll know and love. I like the start menu too. The start menu is now a screenfull of tiles n' stuff. It was designed to be very touch-screen friendly.

Part 2 of the argument:
Windows 8 has a traditional Windows desktop. Look at all the pretty little icons. Yet another astonishing peek inside Ski's life. Just like every other version of Windows since Win95, there are icons. My computer sits at this desktop ALL THE TIME. If I happen to need something off the Tile UI, I hit the Windows key on my keyboard or Ctrl-Esc. I do the same thing to go back to the desktop. My four year-old and my nine-year grasped this concept straight away. Not entirely rocket science.

In summation, things change, especially in this industry. Its high time the narrow-minded complainers move on from their truculent, foot-stamping tantrums and get on with it. I'm a curmudgeonly old son-of-a-bitch who a) notices and b) whines when someone moves my favorite paintbrush. If I can get on board with Windows 8, anyone can.
Rant mode off.

Any of my normal readers who have been bothered by my use of foul language during this post, I do apologize. I normally try to keep things a bit more civil around here as I'm sure you know. I promise my next post will have nothing to do with computers or lazy, unimaginative PC magazine article writers.

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