30 April 2015

Memorial Day 2015

This Memorial Day weekend, I'm helping organize a game day at Morningstar Games in Savannah, GA. This will be Sunday May 24th beginning at 12:00 noon and lasting until we get kicked out.

All games will be 'Merica!-themed, so it's the USA versus the world for all games.

I'm going to be demoing Check Your 6! Jet Age all day, featuring Vietnam War and Gulf War air battles. I may, interest and time permitting, also run a Top Gun tournament for as many as 10 players. It'll be a "last plane standing" free-for-all.

Mike Baker is going to put together a Squad Leader Miniatures World War II game and Alan Sheridan will probably bring a Flames of War matchup.

Since we just got approval for this yesterday, we're just starting to get some traction so hopefully we'll get a few more games on the slate. If you're local or even local-ish, I hope you can make it by!

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