02 April 2015

The Silliest Post of the Year

So I found a cheap bucket of farm animals at Wal Mart the other day. A little trimming and a tiny amount of cleanup (next to NO flash or mold lines!) was required. I hand-made HOTT-compatible bases and got an army put together in less than two hours.

Loads of chickens, ducks, sheep, etc...

The bucket o' animals also included some lovely connectable fences with which I made a pig-pen to be their stronghold.

I've primed the lot and although they won't be painted properly, they'll be usable for a Friday night game!

While looking for a proper dice-rolling box for Megablitz last evening I stumbled across some old Blood Bowl stuff. 
Some long-lost miniatures. 
Coach Garrett the Goat. This guy came out of a Happy Meal - I think it was Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame" related so he's from 1996. My repaint featuring no pupils was quite disturbing. Garrett stalked my sidelines for at least 12 seasons with many different teams.

Assistant Coach Stone Head. Also features the team's treasury.

Buckaroo Banzai. This is a very old BB Chaos Warrior model. He joined the Horus Heresies in their second season and a "That Boy's Got Talent" card. Free CW courtesy of the crowd! The paint scheme inspired the uniforms of my Human team a few seasons later.

Mighty Zug. Star Player for The Revolution, my first Human team. His eyebrows could use a touch-up.  Ol' Zug was always a welcome addition on a Humie team, 120,000 gold for 5 strength, block and mighty blow - I'll take it!


  1. Presumably the sheep will be the main baaattle troops of that HotT army ;)

    1. But will they have enough moo-vement points?